Shaving may not be an everyday routine for you, but it still plays a very important role in helping you look good and stay confident. So, here are a few shaving tips that will ensure you keep your skin smooth and hair free:
Wake your skin up
  • For a real close shave, remember to exfoliate your skin first. This eliminates all the dead skin cells that could clog your razor
  • For a smoother shave, wet your skin and let it soften with heat and moisture. This way, you won’t shave dry skin, especially since shaving is a natural exfoliator and you'll block your razor with dead skin while putting yourself at risk for nicks and cuts
  • You may want to exfoliate using a cleanser or scrub to eradicate dead skin cells. This will better prepare your skin for shaving
Select your Shaving Cream
  • For a truly feminine touch, you can select either our Syrine™ Foam or specialty Shaving Gels (Classic, Menthol, Sensitive) formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to condition, moisturize and leave a delicate feminine fragrance on your skin
Choosing a Razor
  • Different razors feel different to the skin. Experiment with them until you find the perfect one for you. Look for a razor with lubricated strips, pivoting heads and spring-mounted multiple blades
  • We have a variety of options to give you smooth, hair-free skin, from Twin Blade and Power disposables to the premium Confidence 3 Four Blade Syrine, there is something to suit your unique requirement.
  • A dull blade can lead to nicks and cuts, so change your razors regularly. Also, avoid borrowing a man's razor because a man’s hair is coarser and dulls the blade faster
Start Shaving
  • When shaving your legs, start at your ankles and shave up since the hair on your legs grow down. For your underarms, you'll need to shave in every direction since this hair grows in various directions
  • Begin at the front of your leg and slowly work around, going back over the area until you’re sure you haven’t left any hair behind. Apply more cream or gel as necessary. Pay special attention while doing your knee as the surface is irregular. Most importantly, remember to rinse your razor between strokes
  • At night, apply oil or moisturizer when finished because the skin on your legs has few oil glands and can dry out easily
  • If your legs are going to be exposed to sun, apply a moisturizer with sunscreen that contains UVA-protecting ingredients
  • After shaving, try and stay away from skin care products that contain AHAs, because the glycolic acid in these products can irritate freshly shaved skin