A global company with operations spread across 5 continents, Super-Max is one of the leading razor blade manufacturing companies.
  • A team of over 7000 people spanning 60 nationalities.
  • 19 regional offices.
  • 12 regional Supply Hubs spread across the world.
  • Over 30 years of experience and reputation for continuous focus on cutting edge innovation and technology.
  • Launched the world’s 1st Triple Blade Disposable razor followed by the world’s 1st Four Blade Disposable Razor and the world’s 1st Battery Operated Disposable razors for both Men and Women.
  • Super-Max product portfolio offers a wide bouquet of shaving solutions. The blades category ranges from Double Edge Blades, Single and Twin Blade Disposable razors, mass market Triple Blade Disposable razors and the premium Four Blade Disposable razors.
  • The toiletries category ranges from Shaving Creams, Shaving Foams, Shaving Gels, After-shave Splash and Balm, and Deodorants.
  • Partnering with Leading Fortune 500 retailers throughout the world, giving our customers access to our products wherever they go
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