Precision is the key to our business. We meticulously ensure that your Super-Max razors score high on reliability and performance. Some of our unique initiatives towards improvement include deep research in technology of materials and processes to enable consistency and ever improving standards. Ongoing investment in research and development is the key to your ultimate satisfaction as our valued customer. We constantly upgrade our facilities in the following disciplines.
  • Materials research
  • Product and Process Design
  • Engineering, machine and tool building facilities.
  • Robotics and automation
  • Product integrity enhancement and quality improvement
  • Constant technical training and apprenticeships.

Quality control process
  • Our Central Laboratory houses sophisticated equipment like Digital Image Analyzers, Contourographs, Metallographic Analysis equipment and Shave testing to continually evaluate shaving performance of the products.
  • Quality Testing by state of the art shave condition simulators designed and developed in house.
Super-Max Production systems are based upon variability reduction, innovation and lean manufacturing ensuring defect free, affordable and innovative products.

We constantly endeavor to ensure that each Super-Max razor conforms to the quality standards that improves the shaving experience of our consumers each day and strengthens their loyalty to our company and its brands.

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