Are you a fresh MBA Graduate ?
Are you highly ambitious ?
Do You have the drive to grow ?
And want to start achieving right now ?
Sounds like you're just the kind of person we designed our Management Trainee program for!!!

As you navigate this website you will see new markets being explored, innovative product development initiatives taking place and exciting career opportunities. The mission of SuperMax’s Human Resources division is to create a diverse and dynamic talent pool which will drive the organization from strength to strength across the entire world. As a key driver of this mission a structured and comprehensive Management Trainee (MT) Program has been developed to harness the intellectual minds of the leaders of tomorrow and provide an environment for them to both learn and grow. We develop in each of our management trainees the spirit of entrepreneurship, accountability and ownership of work which enables them to become leaders in their own domains.

Our MT Program is structured to create Future Leaders who have a thorough understanding of the length, breadth and depth of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods business.
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