Wake your skin up
  • Avoid shaving as soon as you wake up in the morning. By giving your skin time to “wake up,” you’ll allow it to lose the "puffiness" that happens due to fluid accumulation during the night, allowing you to get a closer shave
  • Before you shave, make sure to wet the shaving area with warm or hot water. This will cause your hair shaft to swell, allowing the blade to cut your hair and not your skin, preventing infections in case of nicks
  • You may want to exfoliate using a cleanser or scrub to eradicate dead skin cells. This will better prepare your skin for shaving
Soften your Beard
  • Soak a facecloth in warm water and hold it to your face for 30 seconds. This will help soften and loosen the hair and skin
Lather your Face
  • Put a ball of shaving cream on your palm and apply it evenly over your beard and neck in upward circular motions. Thoroughly massage shaving cream into your stubble. Make sure to uniformly cover all areas of your face that you wish to shave
  • Try and use a vitamin and Aloe Vera-based cream as this will protect your face from razor rashes and burns while providing you with a close, soothing shave. Select from our range of Ultimate or Classic Shaving Foams, Shaving Gels or Creams for an option that suits your skin best.
Choose your Blade
  • Always use a sharp blade to avoid cuts; a dull blade drags instead of slides over your face and catches your skin along with your beard. Rinse the blade in hot water as often as possible. Don’t hurry, use slow short strokes. From Twin Blade and Power disposables to the traditional Double Edge, and premium Elegance 4, we have a variety of razors to suit your unique shaving style and requirements.
Just Shave
  • Shave in the direction that your hair grows on your face. This will eliminate redness, rashes, razor burn and ingrown hairs
  • The top section of your beard: Shave from the top of the beard to the edge of your jaw-line in long, even strokes
  • Your neck and chin: Shave from the bottom of your neck upwards (with the grain) to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs
  • Getting a closer shave: Try pulling your skin taut with your free hand while shaving
  • Your upper lip: Stretch it over your front teeth to tighten the skin and remember to shave downwards
  • Rinse your razor after each stroke to keep it from becoming clogged with hair
Take a closer look
  • Wash off excess shaving cream with warm water, and look for sections you may have missed. Wet your razor to shave these remaining sections
  • After shaving, use a toner (preferably containing vitamins, aloe extract, etc.) or after-shave. You could also try an oil-free moisturizer to soothe and protect your face after shaving
  • If an after-shave lotion is what you use, check the label for alcohol content. Please note that dryness and stinging sensations are caused by most after-shave products that have alcohol as its primary ingredient. Although it may feel good initially, it could turn out to be a minor irritant later
  • Our Triple Action After-Shave Lotion is the perfect way to keeps your skin smooth and protected. Choose from Spring Blossom, Autumn Musk, Black Soul or Summer Sky to maintain your natural skin balance for a cool and moisturized feeling all day long