Super-Max Super Dad Contest
‘My daddy strongest!’ – the words every child believes in and every father strives to live up to.

Starting June 26th, Super-Max offered dads in Dubai the chance to do just that. Performing feats of strength and intellect, acknowledged by adoring masses, dads earned the chance to puff out their chests and don the cape of their child’s ultimate hero, The Super-Max Super Dad! We were pleased to have a massive turnout of dads from India, Pakistan, I-ran, the UK, Egypt, the Philippines, Indonesia, Syria, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, Kenya, Su-dan, South Africa and Australia!

After 3 days of fun and exciting elimination rounds, one of which even included the fastest shave with a Super-Max3 Triple Blade razor, Mr. Corrado from Italy won the title of Super-Max Super Dad!

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